Toronto: Serendipity

Venturing off to the Beach to bid farewell to summer, the highlights of this season finale exceeded the beach breezes and happy pedestrians as I contentedly returned home loaded with bling. Between ice cream and biking along the shore, I stumbled upon Ends (1930 Queen St. E., 416-699-2271,, and my search for the perfect gold chain was finally at an end.

The majority of gold chains I’ve found are either too short or lacking bulk. The lack of presence defeats the entire purpose of gold chains, and short lengths are too stiff to dangle with a sense of ease. In the past, to compensate meant layering multiple necklaces together, followed by a messy time of untangling, but no more! Introducing pre-chained gold chains: Marked down from $30, the coated, stainless steel necklaces cost $6 each, and with two quick snaps, you’re ready to go.

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