Toronto Fashion Week: Vancouver’s Angela Chen presents ’80s-inspired staples at Orange

ORANGE Fall 2010. Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Angela Chen knows her girl—a straight-ahead, no fuss, city dweller who wants to dress well but has no time or inclination to futz with her clothes. The palette for her Fall 2010 Orange collection was kept to a strict black, white (or off-white) and silver for instant wardrobe integration and the pieces were simple, with the slight twist of a drapery-like swag on skirts and—less successfully—pants. There was perhaps a bit too much of the ’80s working girl about the whole business. Period-correct puffed sleeves appeared on jackets and long-sleeved organza blouses without much reinterpretation, but the jackets had an easy throw-over-anything vibe that will make them a closet staple. There were a number of chunky black knits that worked well—especially an oversized V-neck tunic–but the silvery dresses were a droopy letdown. Still, it was a nice Toronto debut for the Vancouver-based Chen, and one that will surely delight her many fans.

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