Toronto: Evan Biddell Spring 2010

EVAN BIDDELL Spring 2010. Photography by Angela Y. Martin

We’ve been thinking for a while now that in very short order were all going to be hooked into the hive mind with thin white wires, so the jewellery at Evan Biddell’s spring show was fairly apropos. Glittering robotic breastplates featured LG’s Chocolate phone, its screen glowing with the Biddell’s logo. (Hey, at least we didn’t spot any “Addicted to Biddell” T-shirts.)

Clothing wise, there was plenty of Biddell’s now signature cowls sprouting from tight tops and draped jersey drop-crotch jumpsuits, which, at their best, were indistinguishable from dresses. A grey piece had a skintight rubbery tank top that gave way to soft fabric that swirled beautifully around the body. Piecey, colour-block jackets were well-crafted and worth second look. A pair of preposterous pleated pants that extended from the body in scrunchy blue semi-circles were forgotten when a neon-coral dress with a deep V-neck came billowing out for the finale.

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