Street Style at Toronto’s new cat café: Yes, we went there

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

When news broke that Toronto would have its own cat café back in August, the city lost its collective shit. So, you can imagine the kind of madness that enveloped TOT Café in its first four days of existence, after opening its doors on Monday. With a dozens-deep line of whisker enthusiasts waiting for their chance to get past the velvet rope (or in this case, inside the sealed-off kitty room), the café was just ripe for a mini street style session, which we obviously had to make happen. Look how happy everyone is! And how much side eye the cats are serving! Let’s just say that yesterday proved an excellent day for our photographer/cat mom Jenna Marie Wakani.

It’s important to note that the TOT Cafe actually has a more important mission than providing coffee/sheer human enjoyment—each of the cats is up for adoption from the Toronto Humane Society. You can visit at 298 College St., daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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