Tom Ford (not really) running for mayor of Toronto

Image via @TomFordMayorTO

We’re heading into a municipal election in Toronto, but one thing people haven’t really talked about is the fate of style in this city. Who is looking out for the fashion follower, the shoe obsessive, the lipstick lover? Tom Ford, that’s who.

Okay, not really Tom Ford, obviously–though we did call it after we saw his new womenswear line–but someone posting under the Twitter profile @MayorTomFordTO. But a girl can dream, so let’s consider the candidate based on his campaign so far.

First: Faux Ford points out his obvious advantages over the other candidates: “Were any other mayoral candidates the 2009 @GQ_Magazine Germany Man of the Year? I didn’t think so.” And, no one else in the race can claim to have “an Oscar-nominated film on Netflix.”

A budding directorial career and popularity in Germany are great, but they can only get you so far. Where does Faux Ford stand on city issues?

On cleaning up council: “I completely support putting an end to the gravy train at City Hall. Those stains are damn-near impossible to clean.”

On environmental issues: “I will keep intact the 5-cent plastic bag policy. However, garment bags will be free.”

On fiscal responsibility: “I’m all about fiscal responsibility. On an unrelated topic, check out my Fall 2010 Line, starting at $5200/suit.”

Like any good fake mayoral candidate, @MayorTomFordTO even has a manifesto:

And finally, in a city so concerned with its image, how will @MayorTomFordTO up our credibility with American fashion mags and influential bloggers? “If elected Mayor, I pledge to ensure more Toronto mentions in the @Sartorialist.” And, most important, “I could get us into September’s Vogue.”

Can we do a write-in vote?

[@MayorTomFordTO, via @geekigirl] via @geekigirl

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