TIFF red carpet: Right this way for pictures of Ryan Gosling at the Blue Valentine premiere

Ryan Gosling, just standing there being handsome, at the Blue Valentine premiere. Photography by Sam Javanrouh

Of the Ryans floating around at TIFF this year, the vastly superior one (in our humble opinion) is Ryan Gosling, who showed up last night for the Canadian premiere of Blue Valentine. Rumour was that he would skip it, so imagine the relief when he ambled, with his mom, across the red carpet and into the theatre, sweetly greeting the rows of mostly lady fans on his way to his seat. Star power aside, the film had an excitable audience paying full attention as the beautifully real and really flawed relationship between the couple played by Gosling and Michelle Williams—who was particularly affecting—played out across the screen. During the Q&A, Gosling had his aww-inspiring six-year-old co-star Faith Wladyka on his hip, and spurred the entire theatre to sing happy birthday to an audience member who requested a serenade.

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