TIFF 2015 Best Dressed: Your ultimate guide to the top 16 looks from this year’s red carpet

tiff 2015 best dressed

Just like that, we’re once again saying goodbye to TIFF. But before we start looking forward to the next buzzy red carpet opportunity, we take a look back at the many, many outfits donned by our fave celebrities from the 10-day festival and narrow down the best.

So which A-list star tops our list? Well, Kate Mara stepped out in the most outfits, with each look even more stunning than the last, so naturally she’s a strong contender. Then there was Elle Fanning who wore two glorious flamenco-like gowns in one day (cue the dancing lady emoji). Meanwhile, BFFs Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek spiced up the red carpet in their form-fitting numbers. But we have to give props to Anna Kendrick who arrived looking as glam as ever for the closing night gala, despite some travel drama while getting into Toronto.

With stars like Kristen Stewart and Diane Kruger rocking Chanel and Rachel McAdams and Julianne Moore wearing Valentino, you can understand how difficult this task can be. But we did it. From premieres to press conferences to parties, here is our guide to the 16 best-dressed stars at TIFF 2015.

Who topped your TIFF best-dressed list?

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