Tie one on: A low-key (and luxe) approach to Olympic pride

Most of the Olympics wear I’ve seen thus far has been bursting with country colours, stripes, or logos, which is why this more subdued scarf by Mount-Cashmere ($250, mountcashmere.com) is a refreshing alternative.

Sure, we want everyone bringing home bright and shiny souvenirs of the Vancouver Olympics, but we’d also like them to continue wearing them long after the veneer of the Games has worn off, no? Plus, this Vancouver company is known as a quality purveyor of cashmere from Inner Mongolia—it uses only the softest underbelly hairs of the goat, meaning it takes one goat four years to produce enough hair for one Mount-Cashmere sweater. Available in charcoal or a lighter, slate grey and measuring over five feet long, you can bank on the fact that this scarf will keep you warm and toasty as you await the bobsled team to whizz by you.

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