Tie Dye Fashion
Photography Via imaxtree

Tie-Dye is Making a Comeback for Summer 2019

The psychedelic '60s trend is back, and all grown up.

It’s hard not to conjure up visions of psychedelic wall hangings and aggressively vibrant t-shirts when you think of tie-dye. But the 2019 take on this trend is less groovy, more grown-up. Instead of incorporating all the colours of the rainbow, this latest version of tie-dye takes a decidedly more modern approach with restrained pastel or earthy hues that can be counted on to elevate an outfit rather than dominate it.

From Stella McCartney to Maison Margiela to Prada, designers this season took the ’60s-era design and splashed it across everything from jeans and skirts to handbags and sneakers. Here are some of our favourite tie-dye pieces for the summer, and where to find them.