They said/We said: Why Katie Holmes might be ramping up her fashion career in the midst of her high-profile divorce

Photography by James Devaney/WireImage
Photography by James Devaney/WireImage

Whatever your opinion of Katie Holmes might be, you have to give it to her: she doesn’t waste time moping after a breakup. While most of us would have maybe made it to our fourth Ben & Jerry’s bucket and gotten halfway through season six of Sex and the City (“The Post-it Always Sticks Twice!”), since announcing her impending divorce last week the soon-to-be-former Mrs. Tom Cruise has already taped an episode for Project Runway, landed herself on the cover of Elle and finalized plans for the debut of her Holmes & Yang line (with stylist partner Jeanne Yang) at New York Fashion Week this September.

In fact, it seems like now more than ever, Holmes is really kicking her fashion career into high gear. It kind of has us wondering: was this all a strategic move on Holmes’ part? After having played the role of demure, loyal wife to the charismatic Tom Cruise for five years, could it be that Holmes had plans to break out on her own all along?

If her upcoming August feature with Elle is anything to go off, she may have been planning the divorce shocker for a while. The New York Post managed to cull a couple quotes from the feature, including this particularly telling reflection:

“I definitely feel much more comfortable in my own skin,” Holmes apparently said. “I feel sexier. I think in my 20s, it’s like you’re trying too hard to figure everything out . . . I’m starting to come into my own. It’s like a new phase.”

A new phase that will evidently leave everyone’s favourite couch jumper in the dust. Holmes also hinted that Cruise’s star power may have been more of a hindrance rather than a help for her own career, saying, if anything “you work a little bit harder when you’re in such visible circumstances.”

Strategic timing or not, the fashion crowd is notoriously tough to please, so the real fashion test for the soon-to-be-singleton will be at NYFW this September. Until then, we can all keep ourselves entertained with round-the-clock TomKat updates (our personal favourite rumour so far: that Holmes had to audition to be Cruise’s wife).


Frankie Boyle, comedian: “Katie Holmes has revealed the reason for her split from Tom Cruise. Somebody finally paid the ransom.” [Twitter]

Charlotte Cowles, senior editor: “[…] If she has to deal with photographers living outside her apartment day and night, shouldn’t she at least get some clothing sales out of it?” [The Cut]


Lesa Hannah, beauty director: “Obviously, if you’re simultaneously attempting to escape Xenu and kick start your lagging career, all of that needs to be planned out strategically, months in advance. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how lame any of her upcoming projects are, she has the media as well as the public’s attention. She should also strike while the iron is hot and get on that Dawson’s Creek reunion.”