They said/We said: Versace for H&M shows up on eBay a week before it launches in-store

While not-yet-released Versace for H&M wares showed up on Chinese e-tail sites a few days ago, a more trustworthy option has now surfaced for the fast-fashion fans who just can’t wait to get their hands on the collection. With over a week to go until the Donatella-designed pieces are officially available, select styles and sizes of the coveted wares have been popping up on eBay—and with the majority of sellers living in New York City, the main culprits are Tuesday night’s party goers who are selling off their swag-bag items.

The launch party was the only time clothing and accessories from the collection have been available so far, and the gift bags and purchasable items from the party quickly appeared online, marked up by almost 50 percent. While there hasn’t been much bidding action yet, there are still a few days remaining. We can’t wait to see how much the already-popular floral pleated dress is going to sell for—but with the current bid at US$159 we’re sure it will skyrocket.


The Cut: “It’s perhaps more of a problem that fashion folk don’t like the line enough to keep the clothes for themselves, but surely any real demand for the pieces online will be reflected in store sales next week too.” [The Cut]

The Cut: “Of course, they’re set to sell for far more than they will in H&M stores — most starting prices have a 30 to 40 percent markup from the figures H&M lists online.” [The Cut]

Fashionista: “Here’s a wonderful opportunity to pay significantly more money than you need to for Versace x H&M pieces. Pay $349 for a dress you might have purchased for $200 less.” [Fashionista]


Jordan Porter, fashion market editor: “Tsk Tsk! Selling swag is a fashion editor no-no and grounds for getting the haute heave-ho.”

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