They said/We said: The second Versace for H&M collection won’t be available in Canada. The horror!

Photography by H&M
Photography by H&M

The coveted Versace for H&M collection hit stores last week, and if you’re going through Donatella withdrawals fear not. As we reported when news of the first collection broke, there will be a second Versace for H&M collaboration. The smaller Cruise collection will be available exclusively online January 19, 2012.  Before you get too excited, this means that technically the collection wont be available in Canada, since H&M Canada site doesn’t have ecommerce. We’re expecting the overseas H&M sites to crash again, only this time it’s sure to be of Missoni for Target proportions.

This new crop of bright Versace prints will be sure to pop up on eBay at extreme markup prices, meaning that eBay resellers who are hoping to cash in will actually be doing us a favour this time around. If you have your heart set on scoring a piece from the next collection, then prepare to shell out the big bucks.


The Cut: “If that’s true, the annoying people who buy these collaborations just to put them on eBay might actually do shoppers here a service.” [NY Mag]

Huffington Post: “After the palm-tree printed shirts, pink suits and studded leather of the first line, we wonder what Versace wildness the second collection will comprise — unless Donatella decides to go rogue and give us a line of white tees and blue jeans instead. And maybe she’ll let real women model it this time?” [Huffington Post]

Fashionista: “If H&M can keep its sites from crashing again, people can buy up the collection and put it on eBay, where shoppers are going to be salivating over getting their hands on it, because it’s unattainable. Cue the 300% mark-up.” [Fashionista]


Susie Sheffman, fashion director: “The fact that it won’t be available in Canada and the US will make it all the more desirable—so watch out! Site crashes, eBay markups to the max… I can only imagine the hype. Seems like it would be worth it for H&M to get a move on and get their North American e-commerce site up pronto.
What I do find so fascinating is that H&M can create a fashion frenzy like no other!”

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