They said/We said: McQueen’s last will reveals he left thousands of dollars to his dogs

Photography by Mike Marsland/WireImage
Photography by Mike Marsland/WireImage

A year and five months after Alexander McQueen committed suicide, his last will and testament has been made public. The designer’s $26 million fortune is set to be divided mostly among family members and charities. The most buzz-worthy part of the document? McQueen left $82,000 to his dogs.

Though it may seem strange, it should come as no surprise to McQueen fans. His pups—Juice, Callum and Minter—were included in his suicide note and had even walked the runway with him. He left the same amount of money to his godson, nieces, and nephews, as well as each of his two housekeepers. McQueen’s two brothers and three sisters will each receive $410,000.

In true philanthropist spirit, McQueen left $164,000 to four different charities including the Terrence Higgins Trust for sexual health awareness, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, the London Buddhist Centre and the Blue Cross sick animal centre in Burford.

What will happen to the remainder of the estate? McQueen left it to his own charity, Sarabande, which was named after his Spring 2007 collection. He requested the money be used to fund bursaries and scholarships to Central Saint Martins, where he studied fashion. Leave it to McQueen to show us that passion never dies.


Kim Hamilton, chief executive of The Blue Cross: “The Blue Cross relies on donations to help animals in need so we are thrilled to have been chosen to receive such a generous legacy from Alexander McQueen. It is a touching tribute to his obvious love for his dogs, and his legacy will allow us to help many thousands more sick and homeless animals across the UK.” [Vogue UK]

Kerry Pieri, StyleCaster: “Alexander McQueen’s amazing heart never ceases to amaze, which is most recently evident by the contents of his last will and testament.” [StyleCaster]

The Cut: “His gifts are just one more reminder of how greatly he is missed.” [The Cut]

Spencer Wisdom, solicitor and legacy manager for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home: “We’re thrilled that such an icon of the fashion world chose to leave a lasting gift to the home. Alexander was a devoted animal lover and a great supporter of Battersea, and we know he would be so proud to see his generous donation helping care for the thousands of dogs and cats at Battersea in need of a new home.” [Guardian UK]


Caitlin Agnew, assistant editor/research: “As a dog owner, I definitely understand making arrangements to provide for your pets. $82,000 is a very generous amount but we all know that vet bills ain’t cheap, especially for not one but three cute doggies.”