They said/We said: Karl Lagerfeld plays god alongside Snoop Dogg in our new favourite Euro-trash video

Jean-Roch, the French singer/songwriter/producer, released the music video for his “Saint Tropez” single, and it stars none other than tastemaker supreme, Uncle Karl.

We were surprised that the Chanel helmsman would participate in such a hot mess, but the credits—tastefully done in giant gold letters atop fluffy white clouds—do in fact confirm that this video stars Karl Lagerfeld.  But wait… it gets better.  The video also features Snoop Dogg. That’s correct, the streets of Saint Tropez are apparently a place where couture—Chanel’s 2011 Cruise Collection was shown in Saint Tropez—meets Compton.

The video starts off with Uncle Karl wearing head to toe white and rocking his signature dark aviators. The designer (turned music video prodigy) greets Jean-Roch with standard European cheek kisses, and then says to the singer (who, judging by all those clouds, is presumably in heaven), “You were never told that Saint Tropez is Paradise?” Drop the beat.

It gets confusing as Lagerfeld and Jean-Roch proceed to marvel at the sights of Saint Tropez between shots of Snoop Dogg and Jean-Roch hanging with hot bikini-clad women. Sprinkle in a few dancing children, some wide angle shots and a few split screens, and the result is one confusing mess.  Regardless, the entertainment value is certainly there, and we know that we’ll be watching this video again (and again, and again).

They Said:

Vogue UK: “Watch @KarlLagerfeld play god – not just the fashion kind – in a new music video with Snoop Dogg” [Twitter]

Jihan Forbes: “While we lament the fact that there isn’t a single shot of Snoop and Lagerfeld together, Uncle Karl has already given us so much just by appearing in this video, we couldn’t possibly ask more of him.” []

Perez Hilton: “Well, it’s a great day to be alive because it’s finally here and Unkle Karl plays his biggest role yet: God! Srsly.” []

We Said:

Randi Bergman, online editor:
“This just egded out “Fashion Shower” as my new favourite video of all time”