They said/We said: Jessica Simpson gives birth. See what everyone’s saying about it

What has seemed like the longest celebrity pregnancy in the history of the world is finally over. No more false alarms, Jessica Simpson has finally given birth to a…baby (and not a llama, as one Toronto boldface may have suggested). The fashion mogul and her fiancé, NFL star Eric Johnson, welcomed a baby girl and they’ve given her a somewhat normal name: Maxwell Drew Johnson (a tribute to the couple’s families: Maxwell is the maiden name of Johnson’s mother, and Drew is Simpson’s mother’s maiden name.)

Despite the long-running jokes about it being a never-ending pregnancy, Simpson proves that she is in fact human, giving birth in just under nine months to the 9 lbs., 13 ounces bundle.

Simpson, who remained in the public eye throughout (since her pregnancy announcement via Twitter last Halloween), released a statement on her website saying “This has been the greatest experience of our lives!! […] We are so grateful for all of the love, support and prayers we have received.”

The mogul reportedly has said that she wanted to start clothing lines for kids and babies, and perhaps now she has her feature model! Hmm, could little Maxwell be giving Blue Ivy a run for her money?


Dan Levy: “Today Jessica Simpson gave birth to a bouncing two-year-old girl!” [Twitter]

Shinan Govani: “Jessica Simpson just gave birth to a llama” [Twitter]

Darth Vader (via Twitter, of course): “Jessica Simpson had her baby. Apparently, Kanye busted into the delivery room and said Beyonce had the best baby of all time.” [Twitter]


Rani Sheen, copy and health editor: “Jessica Simpson’s body has been the stuff of obsessive commentary for years—her weight gain, her mom jeans—and this pregnancy has been one long opportunity for everyone to point and make snide remarks. Of course, she doesn’t seem to mind being discussed and no doubt it’ll all turn into fodder for publicity for the inevitable baby/maternity line.”

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