They said/We said: Is Fashion’s Night Out calling it quits?

Photography by Lewis Mirrett
Photography by Lewis Mirrett

Barely a week after New York fashion week there’s already speculation that Fashion’s Night Out, the part shopping extravaganza, part charity event that kick starts NYFW every September won’t be returning next year.

Vogue, the mag that notoriously spearheaded the effort, says that it’s too much work to organize the event, which takes place during one of fashion’s busiest weeks of the year. Larger retailers who take part in FNO agree, saying they don’t generate enough revenue to cover the costs of participating in the event because people aren’t actually shopping during the night but looking for freebies and celeb sightings.

On the other hand, smaller boutiques and stores may benefit from the event and see an increase in business. For example, Ashley Turn, a boutique owner in NYC told the New York Post, “If the city sold a one-day permit (to serve drinks), I’d get one,” to keep FNO alive.

The evening is all in the name of fashion but if large retailers aren’t cashing in, then there really isn’t a point in continuing it, right?


The Cut: “FNO began as a way to get people to shop in the terrible economy. Now that luxury consumers are shopping again, this may be less of a concern for many brands who advertise in Vogue and participate in FNO. Something always felt strange about trying to turn shopping into a cause. All the same, it’s still fun to leave work and realize you can drink in so many stores for free on this night of giving back to fashion.” [NY Mag]

Fashion Bomb Daily: “I’ll admit, I had every intention of shopping this FNO, but once I got to SoHo, I was completely discouraged and overwhelmed by the crowds. Smaller shops say the event increases their revenue, but this is America, so who cares about servicing small businesses and encouraging their growth when corporate fat cats are losing money?” [Fashion Bomb Daily]


Lesa Hannah, beauty director: “It should definitely die. Everyone just cruises shops looking for free champagne and swag.”