They said/We said: Here comes the bride, all dressed in… Uggs?

Though Ugg’s latest shoe line is called “I Do Wedding Shoes Collection,” the consensus on the Twitterverse and the rest of the net has been a resounding “I don’t.”

Aimed at the bride who wants “luxury bridal comfort,” the collection’s new line, which is now available in the US and soon in the UK, is the latest in a trend of casual apparel companies offering wedding footwear. Toms Shoes recently came out with a relatively expansive line of wedding shoes, ranging from toddler sizes to more “fancy” takes on their bandage-style shoes for brides.

Ugg, famed the world over for their sheepskin offerings, will be debuting three pieces for their new wedding line. The Sparkles I Do! boots, which are Ugg’s traditional sheepskin boot style, are resplendent in iridescent sparkles, all finished with a band of satin. Then there are the Bailey Bling I Do! boots — these metallic sheepskin boots have a genuine Swarovski crystal, which explains the higher price point of $225. And last but certainly not least, there are the Fluff Flip Flop I Do! sandals. These fuzzy, shearling-covered flip flops are conveniently topped with a baby blue ribbon, which means brides can check off their “something blue” box.

While most brides will still undoubtedly opt for Jimmy Choo over sheepskin, it will be interesting to see who decides to go for the Uggs instead (and for what it’s worth, we’re putting our money on Snooki). That being said, brides be forewarned: if you wear Sparkles I Do! boots down the aisle, chances are, that’s all anyone’s going to be noticing.


Espo: “They’ve made Ugg Wedding boots? Must be for demographic who thinks stripper heels are too formal and slippers are too casual.” [Twitter]

Erin Gloria Ryan: “These shoes are the single biggest threat to traditional marriage that currently exists. Period. I will fight a war to end these.” [Jezebel]


Caitlin Agnew, assistant editor/research: “Yet another reason to lament: always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”