They said/We said: Harper Seven Beckham is destined to become the latest diaper-donning fashion icon

Photography by James Devaney/Getty Images
Photography by James Devaney/Getty Images

Looks like Harper Seven Beckham has gone from fashion accessory to full-fledged fashionista. The baby has been seen on the arm of her mom in Little Marc Jacobs dresses and Chloé tights, and though we’re assuming that she’s not yet old enough to make her own sartorial choices, she certainly knows how to attract the style snaps.

Her doting dad talked recently about her expansive wardrobe, gushing that “she has so many cute little dresses” to wear, and that he as well as his wife have been spoiling her with adorable designer duds. “I didn’t realize how excited I would get over buying hair bows,” he admitted—and while David Beckham isn’t exactly our taste, we can hear the collective sighs of women across the world.

One thing’s for sure, Harper Seven’s got a fashionable future ahead of her, now we’ve just got to wait a few years to see what she’ll do with it.


Stylecaster: “So D. Becks gets credit for those cutesy little hair accessories Harper’s always wearing? As if baby Harper didn’t already have it all, she lucks out with a really hot dad that can accessorize too! [Stylecaster]

Stylecaster: “If there’s one thing I love in the world, it’s a stylish baby. While some scoff and don’t see the point in decking your adorable toddler in designer duds, I completely disagree. Look, if you have the cash, why not splurge? Especially when you’re one of the world’s foremost fashion icons.” [Stylecaster]

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Rani Sheen, features editor: “If anything could make David Beckham more appealing, it is the thought of him happily selecting tiny hair bows at a children’s store.”