They said/We said: Calvin Klein’s on-again/off-again boyfriend was arrested for assault and cocaine possession. Oh the scandal!

Photography by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company
Photography by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company

We’re betting Calvin Klein has got his legendary knickers in a knot. On-again/off-again boyfriend Nick Gruber’s facing serious legal woes: the 22-year-old was arrested Tuesday for resisting arrest, misdemeanor assault against pal Calvin Swift and possession of cocaine.

Gruber (for unknown reasons) decided to brawl with his friend Swift at his West Village penthouse around 4:20 a.m. When cops arrived at the scene, he thrashed his arms to avoid being cuffed, shoving his hands down his pants in an attempt to conceal cocaine in his (CK?) underwear.

Gruber, a former erotic model, planned to move West to pursue… well… a somewhat more clothed career in reality TV (according to the New York Daily News he was auditioning for Big Brother earlier this month, but didn’t receive a callback). But looks like the only reality show he may be scoring is Celebrity Rehab.

Swift declined to press charges against his buddy and said Gruber is “lost” in the melodrama that is his relationship to the much-older and much-wealthier Klein.  Nursing a bruised eye and a bruised ego Swift mockingly added, “Nick’s got plans, you know, I have dreams, too. I want to be the mayor of New Jersey when I grow up.”

Hmm, we wonder what Gruber’s famous (former?) beau thinks of all this. Perhaps as punishment, Gruber will have to wave au revoir to his swanky apartment that Klein bought for him.


Huffington Post: We wonder if Nick Gruber has his boyfriend on speed dial for situations like this.” [Huffington Post ]

Coco Perez: “Still no word from Uncle Calvin on this whole mess, but we have a feeling Gruber will be getting a stern talking to since Klein paid for his apartment!” [Coco Perez]

Paige Dzenis, associate online editor: “Well, if we’ve learned anything from the grand tradition of the American Dream, it’s that those who live at the bottom of the barrel will always be the ones to end up on six seasons of a terrible reality TV game show.”

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