They said/We said: Angelina Jolie’s right leg sweeps the internet after its debut at last night’s Oscars

Image via Tumblr
Image via Tumblr

To those who thought Uggie the dog, of The Artist fame, would have upstaged last night’s Academy Awards, it seems that you’ve underestimated the power of Angelina Jolie. And her right leg. The movie star repeatedly—and that’s an emphatic repeatedly—showed off her gam through the up-to-there slit in her strategically-fitting Atelier Versace velour gown à la Wonder Woman (read: hand on hip, right leg far, far, far out). The superhero stance had people everywhere asking, “Doesn’t she have a million six children (not to mention a stylist) to tell her to close her legs?”

Alas, there was nobody to coerce the leg into a friendly retreat as it popped out again and again and finally made its way onto the internet and became a meme. Before the end of the show, there were 3,339 tweets per minute about the “Angeleg,” a bona fide Twitter account with 12,500 followers, and a do-it-yourself ‘Legbombing’ tool. Even the forward-thinking screenwriters of The Descendants popped an exaggerated Jolie pose during their acceptance speech (which, dare we say, was hands down the best of the night).

We’re hoping that “Angelegging” won’t become the red-carpet equivalent of the famous Claudia Schiffer runway walk. But hey, anything to liven up a somewhat predictable red carpet, right?


Fashionista: “We’re not sure if it was to ensure that we all knew about the big slit on the right side of her dress, distract us from how skinny she is or make her Versace gown look like more than a big blob of black fabric.” [Fashionista]

Huffington Post: “It was the pose seen ’round the world: Angelina Jolie stepped onto the Oscars red carpet, planting her hands on her hips and forcefully jutted her right leg out in front of her, like she was George Washington crossing the Delaware River.” [Huffington Post]

NY Daily News: “Angelina Jolie’s right leg wasn’t about to let Jennifer Lopez‘s alleged wardrobe malfunction steal the show.” [NY Daily News]


Randi Bergman, online editor: “I see so much potential in this little guy. First, I want her to insure it. Second, I want her to put a ring on it. Third, I want her to carry a baby on it.”