They said/We said: A controversial photo of Karlie Kloss’s body is removed off Vogue Italia’s website. We discuss why

Photography by Vogue Italia
Photography by Vogue Italia

Yesterday, a photo from December 2011 Vogue Italia cover shoot featuring Karlie Kloss’s toned buttocks was all over the internet, as well as 15 more, detailing all the assets of her incredible bod. It seemed that perfection was not all that there was to be seen, as mysteriously removed this image from the slideshow on their website early today. There was no reason given for removing the one photo—but comments pouring in on Facebook and other sites have been negative reactions to the super-skinny body on display. The position of Kloss’ hips and the shot’s lighting— most obviously, her unhealthily protruding hipbone—look a bit unreal, and the potentially generous use of Photoshop on her hips and legs create the look of a seemingly misshapen body. Perhaps that was reason enough for Vogue to take it down.


Fashionista: “We don’t know why Vogue Italia, who are no strangers to controversy, pulled this particular image, but we have to admit Karlie’s body looks a little odd here.” [Fashoinista]

The Cut: “Italian Vogue‘s Karlie Kloss editorial — her first nude shoot ever — has prompted a variety of responses, most of which fall into one of two camps: 1) Good lawd, feed that poor child! or 2) People who look that great naked shouldn’t be allowed to wear clothes!” [The Cut]

The Cut:Several blogs have speculated that the image was removed because of complaints that it was overly Photoshopped, but again, if you watch the video , it seems like her body really does look like that.” [The Cut]


Michael White, managing editor: “I was about to raise a delicious cheeseburger to my face when I first saw this photo, and I’ve never felt more inclined to set down my meal and rush-deliver it to someone I perceive to be in greater need. Karlie: I—and the golden arches—wish you godspeed.”