The Bay makes a Blanket Statement with ten Canadian designers

Comrags' take on the Bay's point blanket coat

Back in October, we told you about the Bay’s new line of Canadiana–The Hudson’s Bay Company Collection–the brings canoes, paddles and point blankets together with collaborations with Canadian fashion names such as Pink Tartan, Harricana and Virginia Johnson. The line launched Tuesday night at a packed cocktail party where guests noshed on de rigueur nouveau comfort food–grilled cheese sandwiches with homemade ketchup, potatoes with bison tartare and maple syrup poured over freezer-made snow. The big attraction of the evening was the official unveiling of ten one-of-a-kind coats–together dubbed The Blanket Statement–that the Bay commissioned from a group of Canadian designers who played with the iconic point blanket. (Gallery after the jump)

While we’d already seen a few of the coats (Erdem’s made it on to the cover of our November issue), we hadn’t seen the full collection up close. Favourites were Erdem’s cocoon coat, Smythe and Lida Baday’s short and sweet jackets, Klaxon Howl’s green, varsity bomber and Comrags’ full-length, button-covered bustled number. The coats are currently on display on the main floor of the Bay Queen Street in Toronto and will soon move to Vancouver for the 2010 games.

Click the images below to see all the coats, plus a few of the other items from the Hudson’s Bay Company Collection (more pics here)

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