TFW diary: Label showed a cute collection, but was it runway worthy?

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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I am a fan of Label: the clothes are stylish, wearable, and made in Toronto, which is a major bonus. In terms of runway shows though, the collection doesn’t quite stand out—it merely affirms to the many stylish onlookers that these are the trends they should be wearing.

Paired with some lacklustre bangles and Dov Charney–esque glasses were a few richly-hued patterns, shoulderless dresses, an asymmetric shirt hem, and maxi skirts. There were, however, some pieces that stood out: a white, short-sleeved tent-cut button down shirt and the tux tail–like details on the back of a patterned dress had great visual interest. Each look that walked down the runway was cute and commercial, but shouldn’t we expect more from our LG shows?

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