TFW Diary: Jeremy Laing’s utilitarian feast feels as fresh as ever the third time around

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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In bowling, it’s called a turkey. In hockey, it’s called a hat trick.  Now that we’ve seen Jeremy Laing’s Fall 2012 collection three times (via both New York and Toronto) we want to know: what is this called in fashion? Given the wearability (no, it’s not a dirty word anymore) of Laing’s current line-up of tailored menswear-inspired separates, maybe the word for it is smart? Fewer architectural dresses found their way into the mix this season. Instead, big bleach-stained jackets, skinny trousers and strong coats took the spotlight. You’re not a Laing girl if you aren’t into layering—think jackets over diaphanous dresses over trousers. Zippers snaked their way down coats and maxi dresses, adding a familiar technical touch to his design aesthetic. Despite the many covered looks, he didn’t batten down all the hatches; a plunging neckline here and a sliver of skin there offered up a side of sexy that complemented this utilitarian feast that wrapped three weeks of shows.

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