TFW diary: 3 or more things that Calla Haynes does particularly well

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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Things that Calla Haynes does well:

1. Prints, not repurposed from a fabric show, but dreamed up and developed herself.
2. Shapes, by turns shrunken and body-skimming (though less so as time goes by), voluminous and seeming to float, or floor-grazing but never heavy.
3. Prettiness, the type that manages to fall just short of saccharine. It doesn’t hurt that Haynes brings a bit of Euro-tinged glamour and refinement back with her as a Canadian expat living and working in Paris.

All of these strengths were on display last night at Haynes’ first Toronto runway ShOw (as the event was typographically styled) at the Ritz Carlton, where usually reticent fashion editors were cooing over long, sheer shirtdresses; printed skirts that hung from cropped crinolines, suspended and swaying like dew-heavy petals; and satin pyjama-wear in punchy blues. Streaked cotton jackets and wide pants could’ve used a bit more of that fluidity, or maybe some fabric softener. We desperately want a pair of those round, pastel-framed sunglasses to pair with a swimsuit and a lollipop next summer.

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