Tassoni Brasil brings hot South American style to Canada


There was a definite vibe at the Tassoni Brasil (tassonibrasil.com) show, part of last week’s Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week—the room was packed with an audience that included up-and-coming designers and fashionable youth giving off a great sense of excitement and support.

The line, which launched as a jewellery collection in São Paulo, Brazil last year, is the work of Canadian designer Joseph Tassoni and his Brazilian collaborator, Andre Chiarelli. The resort 2010 collection is the brand’s first foray into clothing.

Brazil’s famous sexiness is readily apparent in the resort collection of easy-going (and occasionally revealing) streetwear made in bright colours and organic fabrics. The polished look of a cute cotton mini dress paired with an oversized cotton blazer caught my eye. I’ll throw a bikini on underneath and pair it with any one of their fantastic bags and hop on the next flight!

By Sarah Kosloff

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