Summer 2011: Letter from the editor

Bernadette Morra, Editor-in-chief
Bernadette Morra, Editor-in-chief
Photography by Vanessa Heins; hair and make-up by Veronica Chu for TRESemmé Hair Care/M.A.C/PLUTINO GROUP; shot on location at the Berkeley Church.

Every time I heard our fashion director, Susie Sheffman, mention “the Turkey shoot,” I had visions of her chasing a squawking bird. But the Turkey on Sheffman’s mind these past several weeks is the land of exotic markets and ancient ruins—a perfect setting for this season’s maxi dresses, tribal patterns, headscarves and wide-brimmed hats.

Packing for a 20-page shoot 8,200 kilometres away requires strategic planning and ruthless editing. Even still, our team hit the road with 13 suitcases stuffed with clothes, 37 pairs of shoes, 50 pieces of jewellery and 25 pairs of sunglasses. “We shot one pair,” Sheffman says, laughing, on her return. “Our model’s eyes were just too beautiful to cover!”

Market editor Jordan Porter was listening to all this with some amusement. She spent last year roaming Asia with a single suitcase. “I pared it down to essentials—Gap T-shirts, a couple of thin Zara cardigans, crinkly twist-up shirts from Club Monaco,” she recalls. If she needed a warm jacket, she bought a cheap one in a market that she didn’t feel bad leaving behind. “I got by on so little, I came home and threw out 75 per cent of my closet,” Porter admits. “I’m also buying less now than I ever did, but I’m spending more because I’m replenishing with great-quality things I know I’ll still love in 10 years.”

We trust your summer packing will not be nearly as extreme as these two scenarios. To help get you started, we asked three stylish Canadians to name their favourite sunnies, swimwear and other getaway essentials in “Away We Go” (page 195). Follow their lead and no matter where you’re headed, you’ll be sure to arrive in style.

I look forward to hearing your summer packing tales at [email protected].