Style Panel: Think the boxy trend isn’t for you? 4 bloggers disprove your theory

Boxy Style Panel Challenge

Boxy Style Panel Challenge

From strong shoulders to wider than wide pant legs, the big and boxy look has been revamped to epic proportions for Fall 2012. A far cry from its 1980s shoulder-pad incarnation (hello bargain basement bin!), the look suddenly feels modern again with runway takes by Haider Ackermann, Alexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf and the like. Modern, yes. But easy to pull off? Maybe not. As big as the big trend may be, it still ranks high on the hard-to-do scale.

In attempts to figure out this boxy challenge, we asked our Style Panelists how they work the style. Check out the four awesome answers, including one for our latest Style Panel member, Toronto-based blogger Christina Cravero of The Style Mogul.

Challenge 20: The boxy look is a big trend for fall but it’s often hard to do for fear of not flattering your body. How do you wear it? Read the answers now! »


Boxy Style Panel Challenge: Christina Cravero, The Style Mogul

Christina Cravero, 27
Toronto | The Style Mogul

I’ve always had a challenge with this look, and I was super excited to find out ways to wear one of the hottest trends of the season and still look amazing! I have had numerous occasions where this look has made me literally look like a box. Seeing this trend many times on the runways at fashion week, I always thought, if only I could look this fabulous wearing that! To overcome this challenge, I paired a boxy oversized jacket with skinny pants and super high platforms.  The trick is to create height, which will help elongate your body. Doing an up-do as a hairstyle was the added touch to help create that illusion that I was six feet, when really I’m not!

Christina’s wearing: Jacket, Vince Camuto. Jeans, GAP. Blouse, Forever 21. Wedges, Zara. Necklace, Vintage, Rings, JewelMint and Vintage. Purse, Louis Vuitton. Sunglasses, Tom Ford

Boxy Style Panel Challenge: Alicia Quan, Alicia Fashionista

Alicia Quan, 25
Vancouver | Alicia Fashionista

I’m a recent convert to the world of oversized clothing.  Since I’m technically top heavy, I’d always assumed that it just wasn’t the look for me. But, I’ve recently learned that the beauty of oversized pieces is that they’re full of styling possibilities! Using the power of accessorizing, I try to break up this often boxy silhouette with a long necklace, scarf, or belt.  This magically centres the outfit and counters any perceived added width.  To complete this cozy autumn look, all you need is a pair of skinny denim for balanced proportions, and a large cup of hot chocolate for warmth and deliciousness!

Alicia’s wearing: T-shirt and pants, Plum. Scarf, Front and Company. Wrap bracelet, Alden Rae. Loafers, Aerosoles. Bag, xo Bella.

Boxy Style Panel Challenge: Alex Grant, To Vogue or Bust

Alex Grant, 25
Vancouver | To Vogue or Bust

Since the temperatures have finally cooled here on the West Coast, this boxy vintage blazer from Shoppalu has been put into heavy rotation. I’ve paired it with everything from dresses to skirts to shorts, but the one thing all the looks have had in common is that the blazer has given balance to outfits that would have otherwise been really femme. Case in point: my bubble-gum pink skirt. No matter what you wear a boxy top with though, one good rule of thumb is to push up the sleeves! It gives a little femininity and casualness.

Alex’s wearing: Blazer, Shoppalu. Skirt, American Apparel. Top, Gap. Shoes, Michael Kors. Bag, Rebecca Minkoff. Cuff, Lia Sophia. Necklace, Keltie Leanne Designs.

Boxy Style Panel Challenge: Kristin MacDonald, Doll Parade

Kristin MacDonald, 27
Fredericton | Doll Parade

I am going pretty gaga over the oversized trend though it proves difficult to wear for a petite girl of 5’3″ who can’t just wear anything with the grace of a gazelle. Enter this semi-pleated lantern skirt. Though the photo may not do it full justice, this skirt is kind of enormous. Trickily enough, though, it sits high on the waist that I can still keep part of my silhouette when wearing it, which is what ultimately sold me on the shape. I threw in my boyfriend blazer for good measure and paired my oversized items with a neutral silk blouse, tying it haphazardly at the waist so that I wasn’t swimming in a sea of fabric.

Small details like a simple knot can change the entire shape of a blouse, designating at least one focal point to this otherwise completely too-big-on-purpose kind of outfit. Next up: finding a cocoon coat with pillow sleeves that is not to my ankles. Mission accepted.

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