Style advice from a third-grade boy

Image via GQ

Here’s third-grader Arlo Weiner, son of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. Eight-and-a-half and better dressed than most breeched (i.e. not in short pants) men, Arlo has been dubbed “the littlest dandy” by GQ. We picked up a few style tips from the magazine’s youngest correspondant:

Heed the young maven’s message. Regarding an ensemble he put together for a garden stroll: “I picked the green shirt and green jacket because they go with the surroundings. Then I added the gray vest because I love gray with green. Also, red and green go well together, you know, they’re matched on the colour table.”

Any given school day Arlo consults his walk-in closet filled with breeches and bowlers and bow ties and ascots, all in any number of styles or patterns, he deftly mix-matches.

Arlo doesn’t wear sneakers and jeans, they’re not really his thing, and feels you should “never, ever, ever wear a faded shirt or ripped jeans. It’s sloppy! And it seems like you don’t care.”

A hefty lesson for any woman or man from a kid too young for long pants. [GQ]

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