Street Style Tips for How to Wear a Denim Jacket
Photography via ImaxTree

8 Street Style Stars Prove that a Denim Jacket Can be Worn With Absolutely Everything

The jean jacket is a must-have 365 days a year. It’s the wardrobe staple that just keeps reinventing itself. Layered over a turtleneck in below zero temperatures or thrown over your shoulders with a delicate summer dress, this jacket truly goes with everything.

If you’re looking to add one (or another one) to your wardrobe, look for a soft blue wash that has a bit of character. Vintage or borrowed from the BF totally work too since the best denim jackets look like they’ve got some stories to tell. In terms of styling, the runway has dictated a few new ways to wear them that are absolute must-tries. Sliced off sleeves, intentionally oversized or falling off your shoulders, the ways to wear a denim jacket are endless.

Photographers can’t help but capture the many ways fashion’s most devoted followers are wearing their denim toppers. Click through for 8 fun styling tips taken straight from the street.