What’s In Your Bag, Stacy London?

Photography by Michelle Siu

When you hear the name Stacy London do you remember the good old days of TLC’s What Not To Wear? Along with the show’s 10-year-long run, London has worked in the fashion departments at Vogue and Mademoiselle and has styled the likes of Kate Winslet and Katie Holmes. So when we heard that she had teamed up with Excel gum and was in Toronto talking all things confidence, we had to pop in.

We were dying to know what the woman who’s prepared for everything carries around in her Zara tote bag. Some necessities: lipstick, travel-size shampoo, a notebook and headphones. We also found out she keeps a variety of stud earrings and lipstick shades with her at all times, just in case. What can we say, a woman who considers an extra set of earrings an everyday essential is a woman after our own hearts.

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