According to Sofia Coppola, “You don’t have to get them to give them Gap”

When they’re on, they’re really on. Gap has just released a series of holiday films directed by Sofia Coppola and as you may have already guessed, they are brilliant. Each of the four shorts tells a story of an oddball family member, proclaiming, “You don’t have to get them to give them Gap.” In other words, we’ve all got a little weird in us. Mistletoe is a reverse retelling of The Graduate, with a young party guest attempting to seduce a lady years his senior, while Crooner features an adorable kid brother thrusting himself onto the stage (a.k.a the bay window) with a karaoke version of “Cry” by Johnnie Ray that the viewer probably takes more enjoyment from than those filmed nearby.

The films are the latest edition of Gap’s “Dress Normal” campaign which with the help of Anjelica Houston, Jena Malone and others, encouraged a pared down, honest approach to personal style. (It’s worth noting that “pared down” just so happens to perfectly align with the brand’s MO.)

Whether you’re in holiday mode yet or not, it’s impossible to watch these films without kvelling just a little.