19 pairs of sneakers you can totally wear to the office


If there’s anything worse than a painstakingly long commute to work during rush hour, it’s getting to the office and discovering you’ve acquired a ton of nasty blisters due to your poor choice in footwear. Seriously. Been there, done that.

Thanks to the athleisure and normcore movements of recent years, sneakers have slowly but surely become an acceptable shoe option in many workplaces. Because let’s be honest: who wouldn’t trade in heels for a pair of pillowy kicks? Sneaker culture is alive and well, and with buzzy names being linked to massive brands (read: Fenty x Puma, Adidas’ Yeezy Boosts, OVO Jordans, etc.), we don’t see this trend dying down any time soon. With so many sleek (and comfortable) options on the market, we’ve scoured the internet for the best of the bunch. Note: If your office abides by a strict dress code, you can always change out of your sneakers once at your desk.

From the classic Adidas Gazelle (oh hey, baby Kate Moss) to streamlined Common Projects, click through the gallery for 19 pairs of stylish sneakers that you can totally wear to the office.

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