Smurfashion! Illustrator Alexsandro Palombo transforms Karl, Anna and Marc into our favourite cartoon forest dwellers

Smurfashion by aleXsandro Palombo

Smurfashion by aleXsandro Palombo

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When photos surfaced of Karl Lagerfeld sporting the now famous “Karl Who” tote by French label Naco Paris, we knew the fashion parody trend was one that was here to stay. It wasn’t long before fashion’s fresh young things were spotted lingering outside NYFW shows in “Ballinciaga” tees by American streetwear label Conflict of Interest and “Homiés” toques by Reason Clothing.

There’s something refreshing about the fashion parody craze, whose goal is to make light of society’s obsession with must-have fashion items and their designers. Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo intends to put his own clever twist on fashion’s most wanted. What’s the big idea? Smurfs, of course! That’s right, Palombo, who specializes in design and fashion illustration, has created a Smurf for everyone from Donatella Versace to Grace Coddington. The fun doesn’t stop there, Palombo’s designs include a Smurfashion Village where one may stumble upon a Smurf version of Marc Jacobs standing in front of his Louis Vuitton monogram printed Smurf hut, or John Galliano pouting in front of a locked up Smurf Maison Dior.

The fashionistas-gone-blue remind us of Barneys’ holiday collaboration with Disney, which featured a slew of fashion VIPs in cartoon version. Palombo has shown his designer spoofing talents in the past with a Fashion Simpsons series depicting a lovable yellow version of the industry’s most powerful individuals. Palombo’s chic Smurf series was sketched up to celebrate the ‘50s Belgian TV sensation, The Smurfs. We think the super stylish Smurf-pack has never looked so good! All artwork is available for download on Palombo’s blog.