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Elegant Gift Ideas for the Quiet Luxury Lover

Wardrobe winners made for the minimalist mover.

Got a quiet luxury devotee on your to-buy-for list? We all know the type: drawn to the finer things but never flashy, prefers a clean line with a muted colour palette, and perpetually has Sofia Richie Grainge on her manifestation mood board. We’ve got just the gift. Ahead, nine wardrobe winners that are made for the minimalist mover.

Mejuri Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Mejuri Diamond Tennis Bracelet, quiet luxury gift guide

A tennis bracelet has long been the adornment marker of the stuffy upper crust. But for the pal who knows exactly how to ace the high-low vibe, get them this new-gen version from Mejuri. Nearly two carats of the sparkly stuff feels oh so cool in a low-key stack.

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Loro Piana Fringe Cashmere Throw

Logos? We don’t know her. Quiet luxury connoisseurs know that the most elevated items are void of any recognizable brand emblems. Take this impossibly luxe throw from the Kendall Roy-beloved brand Loro Piana: To the untrained eye, it’s a chic camel blanket, but to the stealth wealth aficionado, it’s a made-in-Italy, 100% cashmere treasure that will live in the family for decades.

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Dean Davidson Forme Gemstone Statement Ring

This brushed gold and malachite ring boasts an Art Nouveau-inspired oval setting that will look perfect on an elegant middle finger wrapped casually around a glass of 2009 Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne.

Plus, the shiny malachite cabochons are rare, ethically sourced and hand-cut from naturally occurring materials, giving each individual stone its own unique swirls of lush green, according to the Canadian brand. There’s little a luxury enthusiast appreciates more than rarity, non?

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Beaufille Hanson Coat

Beaufille Hanson Coat, quiet luxury gift guide

A favourite of understated style stars like Matilda Djerf and Reese Blutstein, Canadian brand Beaufille is the very definition of fashion that never tries too hard. Cop this closet essential — a long-line trench in a rich olive hue — for the friend who falls into that modern minimalism vibe.

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Cartier C de Cartier East-West Bag

Cartier C de Cartier Embroideries, quiet luxury gift guide

This unisex-leaning crossbody is the kind of unassumingly stunning piece that would ground the quiet luxury lover’s wardrobe. Consider the wide, textured strap and compact silhouette: both hallmarks of the minimalist movement, making it a smart investment for guaranteed long-term wear.

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Ellie Mae Niki Cardigan

Picture this: a pair of perfectly worn-in jeans, pristine ballet flats and this 100 per cent cashmere cardigan from Toronto-based label Ellie Mae that delivers a stunning, just-threw-it-on drape. That’s the uniform of a quiet luxury queen if we’ve ever seen one.

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Chanel J12 Caliber 12.1

Chanel J12 Caliber 12.1, quiet luxury gift guide

For us, a tonal timepiece that teeters on the masculine-feminine line is the epitome of whisper-level wealth. Chanel’s all-black ceramic case — embellished with 18k yellow gold bezel and crown — comes together in a stunning piece that’s worth coveting.

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Merit Great Skin Serum

Nothing says “I’ve got a standing weekly facial appointment” like always-dewy skin. Gift them the cheat code with Merit’s lightweight, bi-phase serum that’s packed with glow-getting ingredients: plumping cacao seed extract, skin-brightening niacinamide, plus four types of hyaluronic acid for all-day hydration.

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COS The Collarless Wool Scarf Jacket

COS Wool Jacket with Jacket, quiet luxury gift guide

For the guy in your life who just *gets* good design, wrap up this collarless wool jacket that comes with an enveloping shawl scarf, a detachable piece that’s ripe for styling opportunities. Count on COS to deliver the quiet luxury look that’s imbued with inherent cool.

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Tiffany & Co. HardWear Large Link Earrings

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany HardWear Large Link Earrings, quiet luxury gift guide

Everyone needs a pair of earrings that feel just right for every occasion. The goal: unassuming and elegant. The HardWear Large Link Earrings are it. Inspired by the New York City spirit, the bold gauge links are exactly what you want to wear morning through evening.

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Dior Garden Rain Boot

Dior Garden Rain Boot, quiet luxury gift guide

Logomania may not be a tenet of the quiet luxury life, but when it’s Dior, and it’s monochromatic rubber boots, an exception can be made. This pair is exactly what they’ll want to wear when they tend to their Amagansett garden beds (or you know, just a couple plant boxes hanging from a condo balcony.)

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Ginto Lima Pendant

Low-key elegance is the name of the game for the quiet luxury lover on your list and this handmade five-stone pendant fits the bill. It’s dainty but still makes a subtle statement. The statement? Yes, my bank account is quite impressive (said in a whisper, of course).

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T.Line The Delphine Shirt

T.LINE The Delphine Shirt, quiet luxury gift guide

Toronto-based T.Line co-founders Britt Barkwell and Alia Bissett follow the principle that perfectly cut shirting is essential to effortless style. Cop one of their cool girl-approved shirts, like the striped Delphine, for the capsule wardrobe devotee in your life. This one will get repeat wear from Monday to Sunday.

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Celine Initial Cap in Vintage Black Denim

Kendall Roy did it first, and now you get to bestow the beauty of a quiet luxury cap on an inconspicuous loved one this holiday season. Celine’s vintage black denim baseball hat will leave people wondering: what does that “C” stand for? Cool? Casual? The answer: all of the above.

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