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6 Muslim-owned Brands You Should Know About

Revamping your wardrobe and supporting Muslim designers? It's a win-win.

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of always shopping at the same three stores? I know we certainly are. Whether it’s out of convenience, habit or just plain laziness, it’s hard not to return to the comfort of a brand whose pieces already line the walls of our wardrobes. But as we clear out our winter wares and transition into warmer weather, this spring is the perfect time to make new fashion friends from around the world. From casual modest staples to culture-focused apparel, these are the Muslim-owned brands we have on our radars.

Love Closely

Love Closely is the brainchild of Toronto-based Taha Yousuf. Yousuf was born and raised in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, to Pakistani parents. Using his culture as a guiding light for his designs, Yousuf has created collections of streetwear inspired by his Muslim heritage that have now been donned by A-list celebrities from Drake to Ali Gatie and Riz Ahmed to French Montana.


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26-year-old Jasmine Fares launched her eponymous brand in 2021. By creating casual staples that can be used to build capsule wardrobes, Fares filled a major gap in the modest clothing market. Whether it’s innovative half-tees to wear under short tops or gym wraps to help you feel more comfortable while working out, Fares’ clothing walks the fine line of being tasteful, unique and, above all, stylish.


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Dar Collective

If you’ve been looking to sport a hometown sweatshirt (or maybe just really want to show off your love for a specific country), we’ve got the perfect brand for you. Per its tagline, Dar Collective is here to help you represent your roots. The brand’s sweatshirts, T-shirts and other apparel created by third-culture kids are the perfect way to express your identity whilst upgrading your wardrobe.


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Founded by Akram Abdallah and Lena Sarsour, Nominal has attracted a cult-like following for creating jewellery with meaning. In fact, if you’ve seen the Arabic name necklaces around, there’s a pretty good chance it’s a Nominal piece. From chunky gold rings to country map pendants, there’s definitely something for everyone here.


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5ive Pillars

5ive Pillars’ selection of hoodies, tracksuits and accessories are sure to elevate your streetwear game. Founded by Farrukh Ershad, this company fuses Arabic art with casual apparel to create IG-worthy ‘fits. From aesthetic typography to symbolic jewellery, this Muslim-owned brand is one to watch.


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Haf & Haf

Creating art inspired by her South Asian immigrant identity, Hafsa Khan’s work often showcases her rich culture and religion. Whether it’s Arabic calligraphy or graphic sketches of South Asian women decked out in traditional clothing and jewellery, Haf & Haf knows how to make a lasting impression. Khan’s designs can also be found on sweatshirts and make for the perfect laid back, model-off-duty look.


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