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How to Dress Like A Mob Wife

Faux fur coats! Cheetah print! Stacks upon stacks of jewellery!

Being a mob wife is a full-time job. Not only are you probably privy to unsavoury information and sworn to some kind of life-altering secrecy, but you must also always look fabulous. How does one embody this all-encompassing attitude? By curating the perfect mob wife outfit.

ICYMI, aspiring for clean girl perfection is no longer cutting it in 2024. In contrast, we’re looking to the spouses of the morally murky mafia for style inspiration. Perfecting any mob wife ensemble involves opting for confident chaos. It means mixing prints, maintaining a French tip manicure, and never — under any circumstances — leaving the house without a hefty stack of jewellery on your person.


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Pulling influences from ’90s runways when Italian designers reigned supreme, the mob wife relishes in loud luxury and challenges you to abandon everything you know about dressing for today. Shiv Roy would read you to filth in this type of ’fit, but even she can’t get you down when you’re channelling this energy.

Below, find the best picks for stepping into your glamorous mafia insider alter ego. These pieces make looking amazing easy, so you can get on with the important stuff. After all, you’ve got (risky) business to attend to.

Gold ring stack set

mob wife jewellery, mob wife outfit

To correctly embody this aesthetic, you’ll want to talk with your hands. Move them around quickly to mesmerize/confuse any person with whom you’re speaking. Naturally, the right stack of gold-coloured rings is essential to maximize impact.

A top-rated Amazon pick made of hypoallergenic material, this set of gilded coloured rings will have your French-tipped fingers even more decked out. Remember: The key to any mob wife outfit is over-accessorizing, and this affordable set of 12 rings allows you to do just that.

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Alo oversized faux fur trench

alo faux fur coat, women's winter coats

Unisex; oversized; chic to the core — this long faux-fur trench doesn’t mess around. And neither do you. Though priced higher than your usual daily outfit purchases, Alo’s fuzzy trench is not just an impulsive trend purchase, it’s a lifetime investment.

Made of luxe faux fur with satiny interior lining, this coat is a classic pick that instantly elevates any look.

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Gold chain necklace

mob wife outfit necklace

If you buy but one jewellery piece to achieve the mob wife outfit aesthetic, let it be the chunky gold tennis necklace. This simple yet commanding accoutrement is perfect when layered atop a black turtleneck or peeking through a fur jacket.

Crafted in a vintage-style chain-link design, it’s a statement necklace that would make Carmela Soprano proud.

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Naturalizer jaguar-print pumps

leopard print pumps, mob wife outfit

Nothing says “don’t mess with me” like an animal-print pump. These pointed jaguar heels are statement-making and the opposite of minimalist fashion. In other words, they’re the ultimate mob wife outfit footwear choice.

This style — which is quickly selling out! — comes with an adjustable ankle strap and non-slip fit so your foot stays in place all day. Say farewell to quiet luxury; when you wear these, you want people to notice.

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Steve Madden Juniper faux fur coat

mob wife outfit faux fur coat

It’s not a mob wife outfit without a big fur coat. This cropped brown Steve Madden offering exudes that in-charge energy at a more palatable price. Its luxe fuzzy texture and faux fur finish is perfect for stepping out in the cold weather ready for what comes.

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Vintage-style sunglasses

sunglasses, mob wife outfit

No outfit is entirely complete without sunglasses. But a mob wife outfit sans sunnies? Forget about it. This early 2000s-reminiscent pair is the best way to finish off your head-turning ensemble.

With a rounded rectangular oversized shape, retro brown lenses and warm gold rims, they’re big enough to stand out in a crowd while covering enough of your visage to keep that poker face coolness. Plus, the rhinestone side detailing adds the right amount of married-to-the-boss glitz.

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Thick black headband

mob wife outfit headband

The key to styling success with this aesthetic is keeping your hair back to show off your expertly adorned ears. (Gold hoops? A necessity.) And in case you missed it, headbands are kind of the It accessory right now.

Arriving in a pack of ten, this extra thick no-frills style keeps your hair comfortably pulled back all day, so you can focus on business. No questions asked.

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Sheer leopard-print tights

cheetah print tights mob wife outfit

Not ready to go full-on leopard print? Dip your toe into the style (get it?) with these sheer printed tights.

Adorned with subtle animal patterns, these sultry stockings are perfect when paired with a black mini-skirt and boots. They have all the refinement of a classic pair of hosiery with the added mob wife elevation.

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Dynamite Peyton faux leather skort

mob wife outfit faux leather skirt

A touch of leather is paramount to nailing the mob wife aesthetic. You could opt for leather leggings or a leather blazer — but this fan-favourite faux leather skort is arguably the best piece for the vibe du jour.

Complete with an asymmetrical wrap detail and lined with shorts, it’s the perfect base for building out any mob wife outfit. Plus, it leaves more room for you to accessorize as you please, whether you opt for statement platform boots or a pair of flashy fishnets.

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Madden Girl Williams boot

mob wife outfit knee high boots

Is it really a coincidence that the mob wife aesthetic descended on pop culture during boots season? We’d argue not. An essential element to mastering the trend, knee-high leather boots are a winter-weather-friendly staple.

This pair by Madden Girl is made with a sleek synthetic material and comfortable block heel. As you might have guesses, these boots are very much made for walking.

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