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What to Wear to the Barbie Movie

I’m a Barbie girl. You’re a Barbie girl. We’re all Barbie girls.

This article was originally published on July 11, 2023 and has been updated.  

The most important thing to do this summer, apart from seeing the Barbie movie? Finding the right Barbie outfits to see the Barbie movie in, of course.

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As we gear up for the release of Greta Gerwig’s live-action adaptation starring Margot Robbie on July 21, fashion is bursting at the seams with references to the Mattel franchise. Luckily, before our favourite doll (née Barbara Millicent Roberts) hits the big screen, there are a multitude of ways to shop just like her. Whether you’re harnessing your Kenergy, looking to reference dolls of the past, or just really love hot pink (which, relatable), there’s an on-theme Barbie outfit out there for you. Below, FASHION has curated our top picks for putting the perfect Barbiecore ensemble together.

The preppy take on Barbie

A woman wearing the Boohoo Rugby shirt in front of a pink background

What’s a Barbie wardrobe without a mini skirt? This striped design — adorned with the doll’s classic logo — is a staple for any Barbiecore outfit. Wear it with a tube top for a night out, or pair it with the matching oversized rugby shirt for a decidedly preppy vibe.

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The main character Barbie moment

Barbie Zara hot pink dress

Zara’s collaboration with Mattel has proved to be one of the most coveted releases yet. From a retro dress inspired by the costume worn by Margot Robbie to a Mermaid Barbie necklace that fits right into Dua Lipa’s on-screen aesthetic, the collection doubles as a guide to fully Barbie-fying your life. Look no further than this hot pink mini-dress, with its dramatic rushed detailing and trailing maxi bow.

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The toy-like Barbie bag

Plastic Barbie purse

Nothing says Barbie world like a plastic purse. This two-toned pink and orange vinyl bag is both vibrant and playfully transparent, like a toy accessory come to life. Handmade in Canada, it captures the franchise’s whimsical nostalgia while encasing all your items (lipgloss, wallet, doll) with a handy snap closure.

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The cozy Barbie uniform

Smash + Tess Barbie romper

Comfort is key, even when you’re a doll. This romper embodies all the stylish elements of Barbie with a breezy silhouette that is ideal for busy summer schedules. With subtle pockets, a keyhole back cut-out and an ultra-soft fabric, the made-in-Canada one-piece is perfect for on-the-go movie viewings.

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The all-in-one Barbie dress

hilary macmillan barbie dress

Hot pink. Blush. Pastel. This maxi dress combines all the trending shades of Barbiecore with a zigzag striped pattern. The cozy knit material is the perfect choice for a movie theatre viewing, while the leg slit and front cutouts add some subtle sexiness.

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The deceivingly comfy Barbie running shoes

reebok barbie hot pink sneakers

Dolls with permanently-arched feet, look away. Who says Barbie can’t prioritize orthopedic wellness? These Reeboks are the perfect footwear choice for running from the Barbie premiere to the Oppenheimer screening (IYKYK). With a chunky midsole that cushions every step, these hot pink sneakers are both cute and comfy.

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The effortless Barbie shades

butaby barbie sunglasses

We can’t all have a Barbie dream car (sigh), but we can purchase the best sunnies for top-down convertible cruising. These ’90s-inspired rectangular pair have the cutest baby pink tinted lenses with nearly 100 per cent UV protection. Plus, they’re lightweight and compact, making them a great on-the-go accessory.

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The done-up Barbie dress

ralph lauren barbie dress

A halter dress in the summer emits a special kind of energy that is both relaxed and put-together. The fluid, A-line silhouette of this satin cocktail gown is luxe, laid-back, and a decidedly refined take on the otherwise loud Barbie fashion offerings out there. Did we mention it’s on sale?

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The cozy Barbie pants

levis barbie pants

High-waisted. Snug fit. The wedgie straight jeans are built to hug curves in all the right ways. And in this blushing Barbie hue, they’re the perfect pant choice for a comfy trip to the movies.

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The country-loving Barbie earrings

8 other reasons barbie earrings

Western Barbie has entered the chat. They may not be pink, but these bedazzled cowboy boot earrings are the ultimate accessory for the titular doll’s country endeavours, which have been teased through a series of viral sneak peeks. Yeehaw.

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The Barbie bandana

monique bandana barbie

A near-exact replica of the paisley bandana worn by Robbie in the film, this hot pink garment is both a trendy outfit add-on and an in-the-know reference. Tie it in your hair. Fasten it around your neck. Use it to wipe your tears when Ken sings his heartwrenching existential ballad.

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The gingham Barbie top

gingham free people top barbie

ICYMI, Barbie’s got some serious gingham going on in the upcoming film. This tube top puts a modern spin on the vintage-inspired print. With a rounded cropped bottom and corset-inspired seaming, it’s both timeless and in vogue.

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The blazer-wearing Barbie

steve madden blazer barbie

This Barbie means business! With padded shoulders and buttoned cuffs, Steve Madden’s lightweight faux leather jacket is the perfect hot pink wardrobe staple. Thanks to structured tailoring and vibrant colour, it takes you from the office to drinks to the movie theatre.

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The Barbie-branded mini-dress

Boohoo barbie white dress

The humble rib knit dress is a simple, summertime staple. But when jazzed up with the “Barbie” logo in rhinestone lettering? New levels of iconic have been reached.

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The OG Barbie reference

barbie themed bathing suit barbie movie

One of the best looks worn by Margot Robbie on her now-famous press tour is the Hervé Léger black and white striped mini-dress that referenced the very first Barbie, who wore a similar-looking swimsuit. Take a page out of her stylist Andrew Mukamal’s book and channel the original doll in this striped swimsuit. Wear it with jeans as a bodysuit or take a risk and go full beach Barbie.

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The fuzzy Barbie heels

JLO mules Barbie

Perfect for artificially arched feet, these fluffy hot pink mules might have as well been plucked straight from Barbie Land. With satin lining and a modest 3.25-inch heel, they’ll keep you clickity-clacking all the way through a very fashionable summer.

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The Barbie daisy necklace

Simone Rocha daisy necklace Barbie movie

In one of the first scenes of the trailer, Barbie is seen wearing a daisy necklace and matching earrings. This necklace by Simone Rocha taps into those whimsical vibes. With intricate green beading breaking up the floral details, it has an added wearability that goes beyond Barbie viewing.

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The disco Barbie moment

Ronny Kobo barbie dress

The physical manifestation of “Come on Barbie, let’s go party,” this sequin-embellished gown is deliciously sassy. With a disco-leaning gold tone and a dramatic length, it could very well double as Robbie’s bedazzled costume in the film’s highly-anticipated dance sequence.

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The Barbie-stamped tote bag

Gap Barbie Bag

You gotta love a tote bag. Optimal storage. Sturdy shoulder straps. Timeless, errand-friendly design. This iteration, emblazoned with the hot pink Barbie logo, will live on as an emblem of 2023 pop culture. (Not to mention, it’s kinda perfect for sneaking snacks into the movie theatre.)

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The preppy Barbie mini-dress

Ahiri Barbie Dress

This pink houndstooth dress takes the doll’s classically preppy image to new heights. Made with a lightweight material, it keeps you cool in the summer while its structured silhouette accentuates curves in all the right ways. It’s the perfect choice for a Barbie-approved night out.

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