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The Share-Economy Is More Than Just Airbnb: Pools to Pups, Here Are all the Things You’ll Be Sharing in the Future

In our Winter issue, FASHION editors rounded up the 100 people, products and experiences we think will blow up in 2019. It’s our inaugural Hot 100 Fuse List. From the workouts you’ll be doing, to the new designers and artists you’ll see on your feed, this is your guide to being in the know this year.

You’ve already seen the term “share-economy” used in reference to Uber and Airbnb. This year, you’ll start to see it pop up just about everywhere else.

90: Houndr

Have you been looking for a way to hang out with strangers’ dogs? Well, it turns out there’s an app for that. And if you have a hound at home, the app can help you out, too. Houndr, a Toronto-based start-up, connects people seeking quality canine time with those who need a hand taking care of their pet pooch.

91: Swimply

When the weather starts warming up again, Canadians will be able to get their feet wet in strangers’ swimming pools. Swimply, a residential pool-sharing service, connects those who want to take a dip with pool owners interested in making a bit of pocket money from their backyard paradise.

92: Turo

Turo, a peer-to-peer car-sharing company, is best described as the Airbnb of the road. The San Francisco-based enterprise gives users access to budget-friendly options that rival the cost of a traditional car rental and features one-of-a-kind vehicles that will make your weekend road trip all the more ’grammable.

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93: The Wing

In 2019, The Wing, a New York City-based networking and social club for women, is opening an ultra-Instagrammable Toronto location. It won’t be the first women-focused space for entrepreneurs in the city but will likely be the only one that stocks its bathrooms with free Glossier products and has hosted one of Hillary Clinton’s speeches.

94: Luxury Renting

This might finally be the year your parents get off your back about saving for a mortgage. Even those who can afford to buy are choosing not to. Rather than tying up their money in a $1 million fixer-upper, many millennials would prefer to sip on craft cocktails at trendy restaurants and travel the world collecting experiences and generating Instagram envy. Which is where the share-economy’s high-end purpose-built rental apartments come in. Head online to The Selby and you’ll get a taste of what upscale rental living looks like. They’re the perfect places to have your avocado toast and eat it, too.

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