September 2016 Horoscopes: What Celeb Merch Should You Have in Your Wardrobe?

september 2016 horoscopes

2016 has truly been the year of merch. In the same vein as band tees, which never go out of style, tour merch has been given a second life in the last few seasons. Remember the totally cringe-y NSYNC t-shirt you wore for weeks in fourth grade? That would be a socially acceptable thing to wear in 2016! Call it the Vetements effect, but between Fenty x Puma, Bieber x Forever 21, The Life of Pablo, and Kimoji merch, it’s a great (and chic) time to be celeb-obsessed.

So what if you’re a fan of all of the above? How does one possibly choose? Well, you leave it up to the stars, of course (like, the stars in the sky). Click through to the gallery below and see which celeb merch you need to stock up on, according to your zodiac sign.

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