September 2015 horoscopes: Why everyone seriously needs to chill out this month

Happy Virgo season, everyone. This is such a beautiful time of year in both hemispheres because it is about turning, transition, and collection. With this season and the way September marks a certain new year, we sometimes tend to develop a certain level of anxiety, and fall into a pressure that we are not good enough or haven’t done enough in the year that has passed. Instead of going down that road, let September be a time when you collect the pieces of what has passed, and assemble a whole and complete picture.

We live in a very goal and progress-oriented world, but sometimes the most satisfaction comes from turning to what is already with us and letting it inform our direction. Consider how you can find more wholeness, without the many aspects of your life becoming scattered. Whatever may have happened for you through the Venus retrograde in August, you will have a chance when it finishes now on the 6th to re-evaluate what you can let go of from that difficult time and what will be helpful to move forward with. It may not have been what you expected. Mercury will also go retrograde on the 17th, and this is a time to slow down, pause, and redirect your focus a little more inwardly. Take time to journal, meditate, clean your house, and make lists of everything you will do once Mercury goes direct, but don’t need to do right now. Hold off on major life decisions until the tides change in October.

Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub. Horoscopes by Aerin Fogel. For personal birth chart consultations, visit Aerin’s website.


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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Dear Aries,

You may be in a process right now where you are facing an unfamiliar sense of disappointment. It is unlike you to feel slowed down by anything at all, but I promise you there’s maturity and growth in the change of pace. There’s a part of you that doesn’t really believe it’s okay to have an open heart, and if you don’t slow down enough to recognize this belief, you’ll never be able to see that it’s not true. Meanwhile, you’re rolling up your sleeves and digging into your work. Be sure to devote just as much energy to taking care of your health and well-being.

Your style this month has to hit a practical note otherwise it’s not going to work for you. Your shoes need to be sensible enough to walk home from work if you choose, and if you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’s not worth it. Comfort doesn’t need to be at the expense of beauty though, of course. You are full of creative fire on the 8th, so put it to good use or at least dance around your kitchen. On the 26th, though you may struggle to understand the greater purpose of what you do everyday, know that your work has value. You are still maturing, so if you can continue to show up for yourself and your work you’ll start to see the forest for the trees.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Dear Taurus,

I am certain that August brought you deeper into your family relationships, or at least deeper into seeing something about them. It may not have been easy though; in fact it may have felt like you saw sides to your family members (or yourself when you are around them) that you wish you hadn’t seen. But I hope you have also found the certain relief that comes with truth and honesty. It’s time to lighten the mood a little bit because for all that you love to enjoy yourself, you can be so serious through it all. This is also a really important time for you to rethink your relationship with your body. Do your habits support your health? Does the pace of your life feel sustainable to you? Do your mind and your heart feel aligned with each other? If the answer to any of those questions is no, this is your month to pause and take stock of what you can do differently. Be sure your new program is something you can commit to long-term or else you’ll just end up feeling hard on yourself.

Be playful with your style this month; I know there’s some terrible rule about white after labour day, but lighter colours will keep you light-hearted, and a little bit of decoration wouldn’t hurt. Change feels imminent on the 22nd, because it is. Accept the reality that every time you reach new ground you are already changing into something new. Your desire to follow the horizon line will keep you in this beautiful cycle of transformation.

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Dear Gemini,

At times this month you may feel scattered, and unfortunately, I know that’s not a new feeling for you. Let me offer you a different perspective on it though; rather than it simply being about your attention span (or occasional absence of), I think it is more that you are wildly inspired by every wind that whispers past you. Embrace this gift of feeling inspired by the simplest stirrings of the world, and equally your profound and deeper callings! For you are, in fact, being called this month into a deeper part of yourself. It may feel so unfamiliar that it’s like you can’t really swallow it, and can’t spit it out, but either way don’t lose sight of it because there’s a more grounded kind of power in it for you.

Your style this month is about synthesizing different elements together. If it doesn’t look like those two patterns will match, try it anyways. If that shirt is from a different era than those pants, it’s probably going to work for you. Spend some time writing or journaling this month, or even just day-dreaming. You are naturally a story teller, so this Mercury retrograde is best served by you putting it to paper. Some of the challenges that have been coming up for you around relationship will resurface mid-month. It has to do with your own fear of commitment and opening your heart, even when it seems like the other person is the problem. It’s time to take responsibility for your heart and the outcome of your love life.

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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Dear Cancer,

No Cancer ever goes easy on themselves, but it’s like you’ve been taking a hammer and beating it over your own head. And with every beat you get a little more self-protective, and the Cancerian armour gets a little bit thicker. Don’t be so hard on yourself! The reason it feels like you are not worth much of anything is because this is actually the perfect time for you to learn a healthy sense of self-worth. Sometimes this doesn’t happen without realizing how much it’s missing in the first place. It has to do with recognizing how desirable you are as a person, and not just in certain parts of you; I’m talking about the whole package.

It’s a good month to go shopping especially since the money department might feel easier than it has been. There are some blanks in your wardrobe you want to fill in – that specific kind of shirt, those shoes, that you always wish you had to put together the right outfit, but still seem to be missing. You might also be relieved to hear me suggest you spend some extra time at home this month, even if it’s just to putter. You could also clean out the dirt from behind the stove that you didn’t even realize was there, rearrange all the furniture, and give away a third of your possessions. I promise you will feel like you’ve taken ten years off if you do. Be patient with power struggles in relationship that feel like the come out of nowhere, because they will pass just as quickly as they seem to come on.

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Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Dear Leo,

I don’t imagine August to have been an easy month for you. In one way it has been like seeing sides of yourself you don’t necessarily want to see, on the other hand it has been like reimagining yourself as you actually want to be. It’s okay if you’re not clear yet, it’ll get easier after the 6th. September is a time for you to collect the pieces and put yourself back together, to organize your bank account, to take care of your body, to get your possessions in order, and to spend some time building up your self-worth again. Before others can appreciate you the way you want and need them to, it’s important to find this level of appreciation for yourself. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about embracing yourself as an imperfect and whole being.

Continue the bold style you’ve been coming into lately, because it’s showing a new part of you. Choose bigger accessories, playful colours, and pieces that take up a little space and attention. On the new moon on the 12th, be sure to stand strong in what you believe in. It will feel like the belief’s of others are almost personally wounding, but this is about you learning to separate what’s mine from what’s yours. The 23rd onward it a time for you to find balance in the way you relate to others, and the way you whittle away the hours in your day. Be sure to not just fill your time up with distraction; give meaning to the twenty minutes you find here and there.

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Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Dear Virgo,

Did I mention what an important time this is for you? The end of summer may have felt like a series of difficult irritations that were brewing under the surface, but that you couldn’t quite put your finger on. It may have felt like random anxiety, or it may have been that familiar feeling of never being good enough or living up to your own impossible standards. September is the month for you to re-think and re-wire the way you do (or don’t) value yourself. It’s a constant process of catching yourself before you start to go down the road of self-criticism, or at least understanding why you feel so critical in the first place.

Try not to spend as much money this month either, but instead spend your time going through your books and planning more long-term investments. It’s too easy to spend as you go and suddenly wake up and wonder where it’s all gone. Since it’s not the best month to shop, it’s the perfect time to re-organize your wardrobe. Donate anything that doesn’t feel like you anymore, and maybe swap some pieces with a friend. Especially those things that remind you of a particular life phase, since you are cleaning out the closet of the past. The new moon in your sign on the 12th is a wonderful time to start a fresh phase in your relationship. There are still some old wounds you’re holding onto, and if you can start to let go of them, it will help you really see the relationship that’s in front of you rather than looking at it through the lens of your past.

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Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Dear Libra,

August has seen you finally making the difference you strive to make in the world. Interestingly enough, it might not have been what you expected. In fact, in might not have even been what you wanted. One thing is for certain; you’ve come out the other side of something difficult and are now returning to the bigger callings and initiatives that are so important to you. At the same time, this month is a time for you to examine the personality that you present to others and ask yourself if it’s genuine. Does the projection you send out really reflect who you want to be in the world? It might take some time away from others in the coming weeks to sort it out.

This includes your style, too. Spend September sorting through your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to donate most of it because you’re reimagining your image. Lend some intensity to the way you dress, even though that’s not your usual way. You are also full of desire and longing this month, and would be wise to open it up and follow the feeling. It’s pushing you on to your dreams. Inspiration may also come through your relationships, especially around the 22nd, as long as you’re not letting it become that familiar restless commitment fear. Let all this energy deepen, rather than disconnect your relationships. On the new moon on the 12th, look at the cycle of your life that is ending. It is almost complete but not just yet, so stay with this ending before you really leap into the next phase.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Dear Scorpio,

Something is calling to you now, so loudly and intensely that it may even be hard for you to know what that thing is. I’ll give you a hint; you’re being called out into the world. For years now you’ve been learning to connect the dots differently but you’ve also been sitting on your dreams. I’m not talking about your goals (that you seem to reach with such determination), I’m talking about the deeper dreams that you hardly admit to, because what if you fail? It is time for you to not the let fear of being knocked down prevent you from striving for what you truly want. Because otherwise, a few years down the road, you will be filled with regret that you played it safe just in case you made a fool of yourself.

Invest in a good blazer this month, or something that feels more assertive to you than your usual style. Strong colours will suit you well, too. Take care of your nervous system this month. Eliminate as many over-stimulants as possible, especially the urge to overwork, which will drive you into the ground right now. Spend time dreaming and day-dreaming, journaling, or just staring silently at the wall, especially the second half of the month. You may fail to see the value in it right now, but this is preparing you for the next phase of live that is coming. From the 24th towards the end of the month it may feel like you’ve got one foot on the brakes one foot on the gas, so try not to drive the people around you crazy because you’ll find a more sustainable pace soon.

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Dear Sagittarius,

You’ve laid a lot of really strong foundation in the past while and may be feeling impatient to see the fruits of your labour start to blossom. And since patience is not your greatest virtue (but also because you operate at a speed that is twenty times the rest of the planet), it’s been a hard road for you. The great news is that the things you’ve worked for are starting to become real in the world this month, but especially in the coming year. It’s an exciting time and you’ll receive recognition for the way you help others, but the main thing to watch out for is that you don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by how much you have taken on (and that blistering speed I mentioned).

Your style for September is a little more conservative than it normally may be. It’s like a back-to-school basic set of practical shoes and shirts, but of course with a little bit of Sagittarian flare because you have to have fun with it. The new moon on the 12th is a great time to set the wheel in motion for these dreams of yours that are starting to see the light of day. Be sure to stay grounded with it though, because there may be some illusions hiding in the closet like cobwebs that will later rear their pink-clouded heads if you don’t see through them now. Be patient with any misunderstandings that come up with friends, because if you feel misunderstood it might mean you haven’t actually expressed yourself yet. Take a little time to daydream for the future also, because your imagination is an important part of how you call things into reality.

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Dear Capricorn,

You started a process a couple months back that has since eased off, but that you are ready to go back into this month. It has to do with trusting your gut, which to your practical sensibilities may seem to lack value, but for the next year and a half it’s going to be the only thing that will lead you in a satisfying direction. You know what you know, so have confidence to act on it. This will settle into place on the 17th, when you will begin a sorting process (what’s mine from what’s yours) that will help you take responsibility for your beliefs, and let go of anything you’re still holding onto that doesn’t sit right anymore.

Your style this month is like a classy wallflower. Though you are even less inclined to call attention to yourself right now than you usually are, you would never truly be the type to chuck your self-image out the window. It’s too closely wrapped up in who you are. You’ve also been in a brave process of facing fear head-on, as much as that is even possible, and this will ease off after the first week of September. Try not to project it all onto your family in the meantime. Don’t make any big career decisions from mid-month on, but instead, take time to ponder over your options, or even make a pros and cons list. The tug-of-war you may feel on the 25th is best resolved through surrendering to it, rather than fighting against it, and allowing the tides to turn on the phase of your life that is just beginning to end.

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Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Dear Aquarius,

Like last month, you may still be feeling overwhelmed by a certain kind of desire that is so strong it’s put you in touch with your vulnerable side (yes, you have one). I hope none of you turned this energy into a war with your partner, because it’s really quite beautiful if you can surrender to it and not fight the intensity. It has also helped you find better communication skills that are a little more from the heart, a little less from the mind. This September is a bit like your back to school month, even if you aren’t officially starting a new class. Aquarians should always have some way to continue learning (and sharing your learning with others). If this doesn’t feel enough like a part of your life right now, take time to research or dream up something new that you would like to learn, and then in a few weeks time, start to set the wheels in motion.

Your style this month is more intensified than what you’re used to. Flip through some of the autumns lines and take cues from the little details of what’s been set forward this season. It’s all part of your back to school attitude. Conversations with partners could get heated on the 8th and then again on the 22nd if you react before you think. On the other hand, the two of you could turn over a new leaf if you approach it with awareness. The new moon on the 12th is an important time to go slow and listen to what you need, because you are learning to decipher your own needs from the needs of others. Any Aquarian is quick to offer help to someone who needs it, but be sure to check in with yourself first.

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Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Dear Pisces,

I hope you were able to find some semblance of routine in the month of August. It’s not an easy thing to do when half the time you feel like a wisp of seaweed tossing about in the water, but by now you may at least have an idea of where you need to focus your energy when you wake up in the morning. There are only so many hours in a day, even though your level of inspiration right now may try to tell you otherwise. You’ve always had strong instincts, but September is a month where you seem to know everything beyond a doubt, especially from the 17th on. Trust all of it, especially your read on other people, because your intuition can’t go wrong right now.

Your style this month is a mixture of practicality and mystery. You might consider buying a fall poncho, or some beautiful new underwear, or maybe it’s practical to buy a pair of leather boots in which you will look like a delicate elf running through the forest. Old wounds that you might have forgotten about will come to the surface on the new moon on the 12th, and it may feel like it’s your partner’s fault. It’s not though, you’re just suddenly able to see something in you that was there all along. This theme continues in the week that follows, where you may feel judged by your partner, but understand that all that’s happening is that the two of you are starting to see past the illusions or ideas you project onto each other, and that’s a truly beautiful thing.