Saskatoon: In rainbows

Known for its shelves of brightly colored clothing, American Apparel is easily transformed into a sea of rainbows.  One can’t help but feel a little uplifted entering a store with such vibrant colors, simple yet chic décor, outgoing staff and plenty of space to walk around.

This progressive company recently made its debut in Saskatoon (130 21st St. E., 306-979-3600,, opening its doors downtown last month.  Famous for its basic cotton T-shirts and bunnyhugs (a Saskatchewan term for hoodies), AA is also a great place to find cute dresses and perfect pieces to brighten up an outfit.  You can also make a political statement in one of the “Legalize LA” T-shirts, which support the legalization of undocumented immigrant workers.  The profits from these shirts are then donated to L.A.-based immigration rights groups.

American Apparel is an environmentally and vegan friendly company that proves itself through its actions.  They continually increase the use of organic cotton in their clothes, recycle leftover pieces of fabric and use solar electric power. Although some advertisements may be seen as controversial due to their sexual nature, it is refreshing to see a company so bold as to show individuals as they are, free of airbrushing and digital enhancements.  It is important for companies to be socially and environmentally responsible and it feels good to wear and support one that’s a leader in the fashion industry.