Saskatoon: A clean slate

I have a love-hate relationship with January.  I can’t wait to begin the New Year with a fresh slate, a clean start, a new me.   It is a time to set goals, clean closets, shed extra pounds, re-evaluate, plan, organize and reacquaint myself with old friends—in my case, the gym.

But first I make a pit stop at Lululemon Athletica (118 21st St. E., 306-651-8858, to pick up some new gym wear that will keep you on the best-dressed list, despite your perspiring façade.  Those who wear the omega sign religiously do so for good reason—the quality of this brand is second-to-none.

By mid- to late January, the new routine is setting in and I begin to wonder why I ever had any hard feelings toward this leader month.  All my cleaning has left me with empty hangers and drawers to fill with the results of upcoming shopping trips and dessert is a sweeter indulgence on occasion.  And with my new clothes, I feel all dressed up and always have a place to go!

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