Sarah Jessica Parker charms the crowd at The Bay

Photography by Tom Sandler/Courtesy of HBC

Flanked suited-up security guards, the entrance to the new Halston Heritage area at the Bay Queen Street was buzzing yesterday evening. Anxiously awaiting Sarah Jessica Parker, the new president and chief creative officer of Halston, were media types, socialites, designers (a dapper looking Wayne Clark was there), devoted Room shoppers and even political types, specifically the prime minister’s wife, Laureen Harper.

Around 6:30 p.m., the tiny tycoon appeared and was met by the masses who were anxious to get a word in and snap a quick pic. Women flocked to her as they would a long lost friend. Both gracious and gorgeous, the lady of the hour chatted about everything from fashion to film. True to her fashion-icon fame, she teetered on a pair of pale grey Ferragamo pumps (a testament to her pain tolerance), showed off her shapely legs in a grape, strapless mini dress and rocked honey hued waves for the cameras. And after working the room, she was gone–off to a private dinner and a brief appearance at a Studio 54-themed soiree at Toronto club This is London.

If you can’t wait for the SATC 2 premiere this summer, I spied the white number she wears in the trailer on the racks.  It’s everything you’d expect from classic Halston–sexy, sophisticated and very ’70s.

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