All the runway looks our favourite literary characters would wear

Growing up, one of my favourite things about summer vacation was hitting up the local library and checking out as many books as I could jam into my backpack (shout-out to anyone who remembers being a VIP of this uber-exclusive club). There’s something about the arrival of summer weather that still revives my urge to voraciously read book after book under the shade of a backyard tree.

These days, my reading list is somewhat different (Pride & Prejudice’s civilities would’ve, no doubt, resulted in many eye rolls from my childhood self), as are the character details I find myself drawn to—specifically, WHAT WERE THEY WEARING? Scout Finch’s tomboy tendencies would have likely procured an excellent assortment of practical attire well suited to gallivanting around the Alabama backcountry. Surely Alice would’ve obtained a wardrobe as wild and whimsical as the Wonderland she found herself in. And Daisy Buchanan would have spared no expense in the sartorial department (she did have a serious meltdown over all those fine shirts, after all).

Of course, many of these iconic characters have already been imagined, and re-imagined, for the big screen in all their costumed glory. What is perhaps even more interesting than envisioning them as they appear in their natural habitats is to think about which style tribe they would be part of today. Are they Saint Laurent or Gucci girls? Offbeat in Mary Katrantzou or resplendent in Ralph Lauren? In fact, when you start imagining their current-day incarnations, it’s clear they’d be serious It girls. Take a look at our picks for how we’d style literature’s top leading ladies for the hot heat of summer sixteen.