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Are Disco-Era Roller Skates The Latest Must-Have?

They're on a roll, literally.

The runways never fail to shock and awe, and this fall something crazy/awesome is rolling onto the scene: heels with wheels.

Saint Laurent’s new creative director Anthony Vaccarello is bringing back the disco era—specifically, one of the groovy accessories that defined the 70s: roller skates, baby.

The luxury fashion house recently debuted its fall 2017 accessories collection complete with a roller skate-stiletto hybrid. Featuring three roller skate heels and a kick-stop brake underneath, the three inch-plus heels are perfect for disco queens, shoe collectors—and daredevils. Splashed with pearls, sequins and snakeskin, these shoes double as objets d’art.

Courtesy of Saint Laurent
Courtesy of Saint Laurent
Courtesy of Saint Laurent

If you think walking in needlenose stilettos is hard, you may think twice about taking these soon-to-be Instagram stars for a spin. Then again, rolling (literally) into the club would be all kinds of awesome—just make sure your health insurance is up to date in case you take a tumble. But let’s face it, we haven’t been so obsessed with roller skates since Heather Graham laced up in Boogie Nights.

Goodbye 70s… Hello 80s! Rollergirl in BOOGIE NIGHTS

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Even celebs are giving us the feels with their wheels these days. Justin Timberlake recently threw a birthday bash for his wife Jessica Biel at a roller rink. The couple even sported matching white T-shirts emblazoned with the words: “Make America Skate Again.” A clever spoof on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” tagline, the Internet went CRAZY for their cheeky tees.

Sign the petition now! #makeamericaskateagain

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Clearly the skate movement is on, er, the move. Will you be lacing up this season?

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