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Why Are People So Obsessed With This 1980s Cult’s Style?

Wild Wild Country, a new Netflix series, details the unbelievably bonkers story of how an entire ashram from India transplanted itself into the tiny town of Antelope, Oregon (pop. 40) and how the supposed utopian community quickly devolved into into a legal nightmare involving wire-tapping, immigration fraud and the single largest bioterrorism act ever to occur on US soil, in which Rajneeshees attempted to swing a local election by sprinkling salmonella on salad bars in the town of The Dalles, Oregon.

The show is already receiving plenty of praise for its masterful depiction of how the guilt-free sex loving cult members clashed with the gun-toting rural Oregonian townsfolk, but many viewers have become preoccupied with more unexpected element of the Rajneeshee story: the outfits.

Dressed head-toe-to in “the colors of the rising or setting sun” – rich shades of vermilion, oxblood, tangerine and eggplant – the Rajneeshees maintained a distinctive monochrome style that instantly separated them from their rural Oregonian surroundings. The cult even ran their own boutique that carried only reddish hues.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

There’s something about the Rajneeshee’s tequila sunrise-inspired style that suddenly feels inimitably fresh. Perhaps Rajneeshee style simply speaks to the eternal timelessness of monochromic looks. Or perhaps fashion has been stuck in a goth phase for too long and the veil is lifting, making all-colourful clothes seem appealing again? Or heck, maybe it’s just Spring? Either way, if you’re one of the many people who would consider retroactively joining the cult just to get in on the sweet outfits, here’s string of red items to make your wardrobe Rajneeshee-ready.

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