Q&A: 5 minutes with Audrey Blondin-Rocheleau

Audrey Blondin-Rocheleau
Photography by Brian Ypperciel
Audrey Blondin-Rocheleau
Photography by Brian Ypperciel

You could say that beauty runs in the family of 17-year-old model Audrey Blondin-Rocheleau. The granddaughter of cosmetics magnate Lise Watier (who launched her beauty brand in 1972) stars in several fashion campaigns this summer, including Limité, Rad Hourani, Mimi & Coco and Parasuco. Beyond fashion, this wunderkind is prepping for medical school.

What was it like growing up as Lise Watier’s granddaughter?
“For me, she’s just my grandmother. She takes care of me, she cooks for me. She does what a grandmother does.”

Did you get to play with a lot of makeup?
“I wasn’t really girlie when I was younger. I was more of a tomboy.”

What are your summer must-haves?
“I love Steve Madden wedges. I’m in love with shoes and handbags—I could buy a thousand and not get tired of them. Also, I always have on four or five rings, all of them in silver. I usually buy them at Agatha on Laurier. It’s right beside my grandma’s spa, where I go for haircuts and manicures.”

Describe your personal style.
“I’m always in black. I’m simple and classic. If I could be, I’d be really edgy, but I’m too shy to pull it off.”

You’re so accomplished! You’ve almost finished high school and hope to be a doctor, you are on the Telemark Quebec ski team and you model. If you had to choose just one thing…
“I’d choose modelling. School and skiing, I can do that all my life. I can only model until I’m about 25, so now’s the time.”

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