Prada mixes palm trees and chandeliers for Spring 2010

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It was an odd mix of slim shorts with unfinished hems, crystal-encrusted shoes and dresses and beachy prints that came down the runway at Prada today. But trying to read the mind of Miuccia Prada is like trying to understand the motivations of Greek gods: It’s impossible, so you should just go with it. Of said motvations:  “Beach and antiquity — high and low — it is all the same,” the designer told Suzy Menkes. “It is supposed to be an ironic take — sometimes nostalgic, for a contemporary take on antiquity for those who don’t understand the beauty of the past.”

As far as pieces to wear, the designer continued the recent trend of micro shorts that border on being underwear (hilarious when the only other “pants” in the collection are prim, to-the-knee cut-offs), but swingy tops and cute cropped jackets are fine if you consider practicality to be an important wardrobe point. Not everyone does, of course, and the crystal mesh dresses and skirts (if they make it to market) are special pieces. You don’t have understand something to love it.

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