Pointe Shoes for Women of ALL Colours
Photography by GaynorMinden/Instagram

This Ballet Brand is Making Pointe Shoes for Women of ALL Colours

Because there's more than one shade of nude

Pointe shoes and ballet tights traditionally come in three colours: white, nude and light pink. The idea being that tights and shoes should give the illusion of a seamless leg extension—a perfect line. Pointe shoes typically aren’t meant to stand out, they’re meant to blend in.

But not every ballerina was born ballet pink from head to toe. In order to achieve that same perfect line, dancers of colour must spend hours colouring their shoes by hand with makeup or messy dies. The ballet world has never been a model of diversity, and pointe shoe brands aren’t helping.

In an interview with BBC, Washington Ballet dancer Brooklyn Mack explains,”Not being able to buy shoes is a reminder that you are an anomaly and that you aren’t given the same consideration as other dancers.”

Mack isn’t the only dancer who feels this way, and ballet brand Gaynor Minden has taken notice. The American pointe shoe and accessory company announced on Facebook that they are releasing two new base colours of pointe shoes: Espresso and Cappuccino. The feedback from dancers will warm your heart.

We think that Gaynor Minden is right en pointe with these new inclusive nudes, and hope that other ballet brands are taking notes.